Global Communication Service

The continual increase in foreign visitors in recent years has brought about the need for multilingual marketing tools. In addition, as a nation with a decreasing birthrate and aging population, the advancement into global markets is of vital importance for Japanese businesses.

ENGAWA’s mission is to stand by our clients as a global communication partner and to connect Japan and the world. We are here to build tools essential for foreign-targeted marketing and inbound tourism strategies, represented through the unique and trusted views of our talented marketers, editors, and creators – all foreign residents of Japan.

Service content

Web Design / Video Production

In today’s global business environment, simply translating Japanese content is not enough. ENGAWA’s strength is to be able to reorganize information from a foreign perspective and build tools that truly transmit clients’ messages.
Our strengths are creating content that succeeds in winning the hearts of non-Japanese customers, such as web design, corporate introduction videos, and short movies for social media.

Catalog and Brochure Production

Publications such as catalogs and brochures are essential for global marketing. Using the same layout as Japanese publications or directly translating the Japanese text may lead to confusion for non-Japanese readers.
Owing to its asset, the 46-year-old Tokyo Weekender, ENGAWA offers writing styles and designs that meet non-Japanese readers’ needs. Please feel free to contact us for requests on any kind of publication: company profiles, product catalogs, travel brochures, in-house magazines, pamphlets, etc.

Social Media Marketing

We are here for marketers who are having trouble with multilingual management of social media, or are worried about their account’s stagnating number of followers. Our bilingual team is dedicated to finding the best way to approach non-Japanese customers.
Not only do we manage various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, and WeChat, we also work with KOL (Key Opinion Leader), a source of great influence in China, to efficiently market clients’ products and services.

Writing and Translating Services

If you are seeking website articles or ad copy for new products, ENGAWA is here for you. Native writers experienced in foreign-targeted marketing will provide the high-quality, creative writing you are looking for.
In addition, we provide translation services.
Major Languages Available for Translation: English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Spanish, German

Foreign Press Release Distribution Service

ENGAWA cooperates with PR NEWS CHANNEL, a foreign press release distribution service, in distributing information to 770,000 platforms across over 100 countries.
In addition to translating press releases, our native staff can also proofread texts before distribution, helping our clients to efficiently transmit their content to the world.


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