Committed to Connecting Businesses From Japan and Around the World

December 2015: Through combining the team of Tokyo Weekender, an English-language magazine with 45 years of history established in 1970, and members from famed PR company Sunny Side Up, ENGAWA was born.

Represented by the keywords “2020,” “inbound tourism” and “regional revitalization,” Japan is currently experiencing a major transition as businesses enter a new business field targeting the outside world. In this moment, the question most often asked, and the task ahead, is, “how can we communicate the charms of Japan?”

For the Japanese, it has often been difficult to describe the unique charms of their own culture. Delivering the wonderful, as-yet-undiscovered value of Japan to the people of the world and creating magical moments is ENGAWA’s mission.

In Japan, there is a unique space for cultural exchange called an “engawa.” Neither inside nor outside, an engawa is a place where a diverse range of people gather and interact.

As professionals dedicated to “communication” and “connection,” we aim to express the charms of Japanese people, products, and concepts to the world. By joining hands with a variety of businesses which share the same spirit, we are committed to building an ENGAWA – a business scene that connects to the world.

CEO Takanobu Ushiyama

Business Area

Japan Brand Incubation

Discovering and Developing Prominent Japanese Products/Services
Support for Local Products / Service Providers’ PR and Marketing Strategies
Development and Business Consulting for Local Brands
Development of New Products Using Traditional Japanese Methods and Materials

Sales Platform

Construction of Domestic and Global Distribution Platforms
Sales Activities Through E-commerce Websites
Sponsoring Global Sales Networks Between Domestic and Global Distributors
Stocking and Sales of Japanese Products/Services

Global Communication

Communication Support for Foreign and Inbound Customers
PR and Promotion for Global Markets
PR and Promotion for Inbound Travelers
Multi-language Designs and Creations of Websites/Videos/Publications

ENGAWA’s Mission

Discover and promote Japan’s valuable products/services.

Spread the word to both domestic and global audiences.

Establish a distribution network to deliver value to people’s daily lives, both within and outside Japan.

Support domestic and foreign businesses through know-how solutions needed for a range of activities.

Through these activities, we aim to enrich the lives of people both inside and outside of Japan, and dedicate ourselves to developing Japan and its businesses on a global scale.