Principles for Protection of Personal Information

By managing the OMOTENASHI online shop, ENGAWA acknowledges the protection and management of personal information as a social responsibility of our company and will continue to pay great attention to the handling of personal information through the following established principles.

  • Personal information will be collected, used, and offered only in relation to ENGAWA’s business activities.
  • The provided personal information will be used only with agreement from the individual.
  • ENGAWA will implement a variety of security measures in order to prevent any illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification, or disclosure of the provided personal information, and store it under strict management measures.
  • Criteria such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information will be observed.
  • We will continue to revise and improve our company’s compliance program on the protection of personal information.

Management of Personal Information in Relation to ENGAWA’s Services

ENGAWA has established the following regulations on the management of personal information in relation to its services.

  • ENGAWA defines “personal information” as the personal information of a living individual referred to in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, that is, information enabling the identification of a certain individual through the description of names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. (This includes information easily comparable with other information enabling the identification of a certain individual.)
  • Collection of Personal Information
    • ENGAWA agrees to collect personal information through legal and appropriate measures only with the individual’s agreement.
    • ENGAWA will officially announce the purpose of use prior to the collection of personal information.
    • ENGAWA will use personal information in pursuit of the following measures:
      • For the identification and member registration of an individual to use our online shop.
      • For ordering, order inquires, and order modification procedures.
      • For order delivery and payment procedures.
      • For mail magazine distribution or to distribute notices on products and services on our online shop.
      • For responding to inquiries regarding products and services.
      • For requesting reviews or opinions on services.
      • For purposes exclusively permitted in advance by an individual.
      • For research and development of products and services via market research, data analysis, or surveys.
      • For offering and displaying content compatible with an individual’s interest.
      • For smooth and appropriate accomplishment of business activities.
      • For smooth and appropriate accomplishment of transactions, including business contacts and greeting deliveries.
      • For accomplishment of individually-stated purposes other than those mentioned above.
    • When provided personal information and/or in the case of its use, we ensure its usage to be limited to developing services or responding to individuals.
    • Personal information provided will not be disclosed to a third person, except in the following cases:
      • In case of the individual’s agreement.
      • In case of necessity for the protection of an individual’s life, body, or property, and in times of difficulty in obtaining the individual’s agreement.
      • In case of providing information to financial institutions in relation to product/service payment such as credit card payments.
      • In case legally ordered to disclose personal information.
    • We may consign personal information to other businesses within a reasonable range in cases where it is necessary to achieve purposes of use.
    • ENGAWA will take immediate measures in case an individual wishes to disclose or change their personal information within a reasonable range.
    • Other
      • Individuals have the right not to provide their personal information against their will. However, services in which that personal information is essential may not be provided.
      • ENGAWA may alter this policy or corporate rules in order to enhance security in the protection of personal information or to adapt to changes in law.

Inquiries Regarding Personal Information
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